rocking chair | walnut

Prix: 2245$ CAD

Dimensions: 42" long X 23" la. X 41" h.

Wood: walnut + wenge

Finish: hard oil

Item code: EKK-20

ekko rocking chair | ekk-20

With its refined elements, the Ekko Rocker is a timeless design.  Featuring ergonomic back braces and sculpted headrest designed to cradle your head, this rocking chair provides a high level of comfort and support. Every view was refined as sculpture.  

The walnut is complimented by the use of wenge accents on back braces and seat. Every curve and angle were created by its contribution to comfort.  Every joint was designed for strength and longevity. 

Ekko rocking chair is available on custom order only.

We ship worldwide: U.S, Canada and Europe.


  • ergonomic

  • designed for strength and longevity

  • hard oil finish

3 different sizes:

  • Small: 5' 1"@ 5' 5"

  • Medium: 5' 6"@ 5' 10"

  • Large: 5' 11"@ 6' 3

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made in canada